Areas of law

Most of the matters related with real estate law often affect several traditional legal areas: private law, which studies the relationships between individuals, administrative law, which deals with relations with public administrations and the government, and tax law, concerning taxes. If one of the parties to the transaction is foreign, another traditional area must be considered, private international law.


For example, when advising on the purchase of a building, private law rules the contract of sale, administrative law regulates the permitted uses of the estate and the possibility of licensing reform and enlargement, while tax law deals with sales transaction taxes and the subsequent ownership of the estate. Private international law determines, among other things, which rules would be applicable to the succession in case of the purchaser’s death.

In our country (Spain), specialized firms often exercise only one of these specialties; therefore a comprehensive advice normally requires the cooperation of several offices.

In PEREZ ALMANSA LAW FIRM we have incorporated a professional team of experts with knowledge and experience cross all these areas in order to provide a global and comprehensive advice in any area. If a client buys a building, we negotiate with the seller the most favourable contract for our client’s interests, we give the client accurate information of the uses and workmanships permitted by public administrations, and we stand in the processing of licenses and indicate the way to make the whole operation with minimum tax burden. In the case of foreign clients, we also give them advice on how to import capital legally to purchase in our country as well as other specialties that are applicable to investment from abroad.