Ethical Commitment

1. At our firm, loyalty is a fundamental principle of our professional conduct. We do not accept a defence in those cases where the interests of the firm may be in conflict with those of our client.

2. Our firm always provides independent advice. Although the law permits it, we have chosen not to carry out commercial activities (real estate brokerage, property management, etc.) in order to prevent any conflict of interest that could compromise our commitment to our clients.

3. At Perez Almansa Law Firm the confidentiality of the information received from our clients is a top priority. We only disclose data at the request of a competent authority and under the strict terms of the request.

4. Our law firm considers it is essential to comply with the ethical rules of the legal profession. We have never had a complaint from a single client concerning professional negligence and none of our lawyers has ever been sanctioned by any Spanish Bar Association. However, in order to assure our clients’ maximum protection against any eventuality we hold an insurance policy against civil liability with coverage up to one million euros. Thus, our firm guarantees our clients’ solvency and protects them against liability.

5. Regarding professional fees our priority is transparency. Our firm always works on the basis of a preliminary estimate agreed with the client.

6. Our firm is committed to the defence of human rights. We refuse to defend individuals or entities associated with authoritarian political regimes where human rights are not respected under the terms of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms adopted by the Council of Europe on 4th November 1950.