International Desk

The department which has experienced the greatest growth in recent years at PEREZ ALMANSA LAW FIRM is our advisory service to non-resident investors (International Desk). The historically low prices of property and companies in Spain signal that there will be a significant medium-term investment revaluation. Therefore, since the beginning of 2013 international capital has been returning to the Spanish markets with great force. Spain ranked ninth worldwide in foreign investment and ranked first among European countries (source: SEE PDF UNCTAD report).

Our firm provides comprehensive advice to foreign investors in English, French, German and Russian. We perform due diligence reports on buildings or companies, set up companies and accept the task of managing and/or monitoring client investments in Spain. We provide advice on investment tax in coordination with local lawyers from the client’s residence country. We also offer advice on applications for residence permits for investors.

Due diligence on property acquisitions: our firm carries out an average of forty due diligence reports every year for the purchase of properties in the city of Barcelona by non-residents, with sales prices ranging from € 120,000 € to 18,000.000 €.
General representation of non-resident clients: Pérez Almansa Law Firm is entrusted by numerous non-resident clients with their general representation in Spain. As general agents we act on behalf of our clients in all kinds of issues such as attendance at owner association meetings, committees, or in the execution of notarial documents.