Private Law

In the area of civil law, our office focuses on advice in matters of property law, with extensive experience in matters of commonhold property and leases. We can also provide excellent advice on the negotiating and drafting of contracts, and defence in the event of a breach of obligations.


We can offer extensive experience in the legal field of inheritance, including drafting contracts and later challenges regarding wills and inheritance contracts, as well as inheritance claims. Our firm does not deal with separations and divorces, apart from exceptional cases.

As part of commercial law, at Perez Almansa Law Firm we are experts in challenging abusive contracts, especially mortgage contracts and bank contracts. We have also provided a successful defence in several bankruptcy proceedings. We also offer advice in the context of corporate law and concerning the exercise of the duties of corporate secretaries.


External consultancy service aimed at real estate managers and agents: Our firm provides legal support to some of the leading property agents in Barcelona.
Civil Litigation: Between 2002 and 2016 Perez Almansa Law Firm achieved a success rate of 80% in civil and commercial litigation.