Perez Almansa Law Firm

In 1961 Mauricio Pérez Almansa (1931-2014) established a one-man firm dedicated exclusively to administrative legal matters. After the founder’s death, those of us who had the pleasure of working with him as his co-workers established the new firm in order to continue his legacy. In 2000 we decided to give the company a broader profile by incorporating an area of private law and opening up to internationalisation.

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There are three characteristics that distinguish our firm:

1. Personalised one-to-one service between our associates and clients.

All our clients have a direct relationship with one of our associate lawyers who handles their affairs, and receive detailed information on the status of their proceedings. We believe that all our clients are equally important, whether they have a problem concerning small sums or whether they are large international investors.

2. Specialisation and excellence

We believe that a small office is competitive only if it concentrates in very specific areas and seeks to be better in these areas than large ones. Therefore our firm concentrates its activity on real estate and urban law. We provide a comprehensive and complete legal advice service and defence in litigation within this area, which covers both private relations and business relations with the government, including tax optimisation of operations and holdings of real estate assets. We specialise in global international investment advice, both in Spain and abroad.

3. Loyalty, honesty and transparency.

For us, loyalty means respecting professional secrecy and prioritising our clients’ interests before any other consideration. We believe that being honest means making full use of the funds we have been entrusted with and the powers we have been given. We are honoured to have been appointed as general managers by major foreign investors in our country who have entrusted us to manage significant funds and assets and with whom there has never been the slightest incident. Finally, for us transparency means always working with a preliminary estimate of professional fees, including informed consent concerning the realistic chances of success and the risks of the entrusted matter.